Solution Selling


In SOLUTION SELLING – THE STRONGMAN© PROCESS, renowned Business owner, Sales strategist, Salesman and Sales trainer Ed Wal, shares his secrets on how to become an extraordinary salesperson who can achieve unbelievable and outstanding results.

The book will inspire you by putting a different dimension on selling. In particular you will acquire new skills which will help you to:

  • Measure, plan and qualify client meetings and targeted prospects
  • Identify information gaps and define the next steps
  • Understand the prospect's perception of the situation
  • Forecast accurately
  • Follow a successful process

Ed Wal has analysed and subdivided the entire selling process into this easy-to-follow guide. Presented in an accessible, step-by-step format, with tips, exercises and sample questions, SOLUTION SELLING – THE STRONGMAN© PROCESS is an invaluable manual for anyone in the sales business, whether just starting out, or a seasoned professional. It shares a tried and tested strategy that has already transformed the selling techniques of thousands of salespeople across the globe.

STRONGMAN© prepares you to convert ideas into actions that will produce results.

Purchase SOLUTION SELLING – THE STRONGMAN© PROCESS £18.99 plus delivery.