Cookies & Privacy Policy

Cookies are small uniquely identifiable codes stored temporarily on your computer by a website. They are widely used to help the website owner store information about the user, track their usage of the website and retain preferences & purchase information during the course of the user's visit.

We use cookies to record how you are using our website, which pages you visit and which functionality you use. This helps us understand our customers' needs to continually update and improve our website. The cookies record uniquely traceable, anonymous tags. We can therefore see which pages a user has visited, which browser they use and when they visit, but we cannot identify them personally.

The analytics are handled by Google Analytics, a third-party service. You can read Google Analytics' privacy policy or block all tracking by this service.

We also use cookies to remember your purchases in a shopping cart as you browse the online shop. For instance, when you select a particular product in our shop, the fact that you have selected this product is retained via a cookie, which is stored on your computer. When you pay for your items, this cookie is used to recall which products you chose and present them all for 'check-out'.

This is a required piece of functionality. We cannot operate the online purchasing of products without doing this, and therefore we do not offer an opt-out for this particular cookie.

When paying for your items, you will be asked to provide your name, company details and company contact information. This will be used by us to issue you with the products you have purchased, an invoice for these products, and a receipt for the sale.

This information is shared with WorldPay UK Limited, who provide a secure online payment system on our behalf, to enable them to complete the transaction. You can see Worldpay's own privacy policy at their website.

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