About KEW Associates

KEW Associates is a market research company specialising in analysing user IT & Telecom spend in the UK. Over the last 25 years KEW Associates has used a number of sources which include surveys with the CBI and Computer Weekly and Government survey data.

The latest KEW Associates IT & Telecom spend analysis is based on the following substantial current and historic data sources:

  • Government surveys on hardware, software, services and staffing
  • Government demographic data
  • EY ITEM Club, OBR (Office for Budget Responsibility) and Bank of England economic forecasts
  • Computer Weekly/KEW user IT & Telecom spend trends

KEW Associates data has been invaluable in terms of its usage with client companies. It has allowed many of our clients to improve their business performance. CEO’s, Marketing Directors, Business Analysts, CIO’s, IT Directors, IT Managers and many more have benefitted from these reports. Each executive has always had specific requirements but many have used our reports to:

  • Produce business plans that are based on market data and as such organisations are confident in achieving them
  • Align sales operations against those market sectors that will potentially maximise sales revenue and generate success for the business
  • Use the data to confirm profitable market sectors and direct marketing spend into those areas which would result in a significant improvement in revenue
  • Benchmark their own IT spend and thus ensure that their spend versus their peer group creates a competitive edge

The Table below illustrates that sales and marketing investment in the Public Sector is likely to produce better revenue results than the rest of the economy. Whilst many executives would intuitively suspect this was the case, the research enables fine tuning in allocating sales and marketing resources thus improving efficiency.

Graph showing breakdown of spend by organisation size

KEW Associates has always had a strong relationship with the BWD Partnership – a company with vast experience in sales and marketing. BWD uses the latest research findings in its consultancy and training assignments. To obtain maximum benefits from market changes and movements would require different sales approaches and the development of Solution selling using the STRONGMAN© process has incorporated many of these changes into an exciting sales process and methodology which can support many organisations in increasing their sales levels. Using research to develop a sales process is unique and ensures that sales people are best placed to take advantage of market changes by using innovative and creative skills.