Full Data Reports - IT & Telecom Spend

Suppliers have used our IT & Telecom Spend full data reports for over 2 decades. Their value in developing sales strategies that have been used at directing sales forces and pinpointing target markets is proven year after year. Our two full data reports cover the total UK market, one across 80 industry sectors and the other across 15 industry segments. Both provide analysis by 6 enterprise sizes over the period 2014-2019. This is essential market data for all businesses that are seriously planning for success. Select the relevant report for your business.

Sector Reports - IT & Telecom Spend

Our IT & Telecom Spend sector reports are ideally suited for both IT user organisations who wish to undertake a benchmark and suppliers who want to evaluate a particular niche market. There is a selection of 80 industry specific reports to choose from. For IT users the reports provide invaluable support in developing comparison studies with organisations in similar industries as well as those of a similar size. This includes exploring norms such as spend per employee and per organisation. Select the most relevant reports for your particular requirements.

Solution Selling

Solution Selling the STRONGMAN© process is a book. Ed Wal, international speaker and trainer, developed the process which is used successfully by countless sales people across the world. It condenses years of practical experience into a discipline, process and a sales methodology which provides an insight and inspiration into solution selling. This book is an absolute 'must' for any sales professionals who are serious about their career. Select this book to make a personal difference.

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